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Welcome to Ketfaco Enterprize Limited, a dynamic, Kenyan building and construction company. We are fully registered with the relevant authorities and all legislation is adhered to. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, we’re building contractors that specialize in residential and commercial construction projects. We provide a comprehensive solution for new constructions, additions, renovations, historic renovations and restorations.

Backed by a highly skilled and talented team, we have been in business since incorporation in the year 2015. We firmly believe our quality workmanship stems from empowering our employees by regularly enhancing and developing their skills and talents.

This regular skills enhancement and development not only enriches our team but goes on to enrich the Kenya building and construction industry as a whole. We nurture a growing international client base in Kenya and the rest of Africa, which allows us to consistently prove our competitive edge in the residential and commercial building and construction industry.

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